hi hi hi

From What She Said, © Margaret Wesseling 2012

hi hi hi
sus sus
rustig aan

these sound strands
I might send along
an animal's neck
holding it clamped under
my arm to stop it trembling

these a way back

you who are not me
whose voices will not leave my mind
stop weeping

trees branch
I have seen one root sprout
two trunks
that split
so heavy

there was also the dream
when I was about
six I don't remember
except I woke shouting
a bear! a bear tore
his arm off

ik en byn niet anders in mijn leuen dan hoey dat gemeyt is
ic ben leyder elendich geworden als die vogelen inder woestynen
ic wacke ende ben geworden geliken den mussce onder den dake

these sounds I spin
through black
so-u so-u, us us us
to the place before

© Margaret Wesseling
Los Angeles 96