COVID in Athens

A rogue reporter takes to the streets and finds things he didn't expect.

The Streets

The stories of several young humans and a young pig on the streets of any city. As they struggle to live and grow they develop courage, friendship and a dynamic attitude towards life, but their fates are ruled by the thirsty god of the sun who demands a return for the life he gave.

- To be presented in the Festival "Stories from the Lockdown Era", online video presentation, 2021

They're Digging a Tunnel

Three inhabitants of a remote mountain village struggle to save their world from destruction as the government builds a road under their land. The more they search for answers, the less they find they know. In the process they come to a new understanding of themselves and the real foundation of their lives.

- The Greek translation of this play was selected in the Eurodram competition for Greece, 2021. The play can be found at

Valley Story

A group of moths is threatened with extinction because the sun is growing stronger and it burns their wings. They learn that a butterfly, has found a solution to this problem: getting “the operation”, which makes your wings transparent. Envy and despair collide with the animals' need to survive.

- The play was a finalist in the New Works of Merit competition, December 2017.

Orpheus in Hades

Orpheus has been reincarnated as a library worker. His coworker has forgotten who he is. Their struggle takes them through hell and out the other side as each learns more about himself than he wanted to.

- The Greek translation of this play received an honorable mention in the Eurodram 2017 competition in Greece.

Out, and

On an isolated farm, plagued by poverty and insanity, a young woman is trying to get out of her life. Her search takes her out of everything she knows, across borders and into a completely different environment as she and her family make the transition from country to city. All of the characters’ ideas are tested, broken and reformed in this change.

Sparrow on the Housetop

What do you need to be all right? Some money, or just a shower? Would friendship help? Two worlds collide in a park when young and old, rich and poor cannot avoid each other.

Published by Aigokeros (Athens 2019) / Directed by Ioannis Backogeorgos at Beep Theatre, Athens, November 2019