© Margaret Wesseling 2020

Step out
even though it's still cold
and the water tears your feet.

Never mind the blanket.
Leave the blanket inside.
Maybe you need it
you think you need it
Maybe you don't need it.
Anyway it was not enough
and outside is still cold
although things are changing
and the wind tears your hair
the same way the water does
the cold wind
cold like the water
flowing the same way
the way time does
along with the year that's going
and the winter
past you
This year many died
the way they do, your hopes,
your elders, your heroes.
Your safe place was inside
and now it's gone.
I can't promise you
the summer will be warmer.
But the rain has stopped
the geese have flown
the owls have come
the cherries have flowered
the trees have leaves
the path is full of bicycles.
Leave your home.
Your home is gone.
With this step, everything changes.